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Women's Adventure Club 

A community of women who value adventure and connection with the natural world
Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to the Women's Adventure Club

The Women's Adventure Club is a Pittsburgh-based community of women who want year-round outdoor experiences. The WAC offers weekly microadventures such as local hiking, biking, forest therapy, and outdoor yoga. "Bigger" adventures such as kayaking, rafting, SUP, skeet shooting, mountain biking, Nordic skiing, alpine skiing, snowshoeing, and long day hikes in the Laurels are offered monthly. Our adventurers range in age from college students to women in their 60s and 70s. We are accepting, supportive, and fun!

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Envision the thrill of trying something new in a supportive environment.  Imagine the joy of adding more awe and wonder to your days. Think about the vitality and strength you'll feel after adventuring outdoors with a great group of women. Shift the way you feel about a Pittsburgh winter! The planning and prep is handled. All you have to do is sign up and show up. See you out there!

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Our Mission

1.  Connect with nature and allow it to enhance your health and well-being.

People underestimate the health and happiness effect of being outdoors.
  • enhanced calm
  • improved focus
  • heightened awe
  • better sleep
  • improved memory
  • drop in the stress hormone cortisol
  • drop in blood pressure
  • drop in heart rate
  • reduced inflammation
  • decrease in depression, anxiety, and fatigue

2.  Push past your comfort zone through new experiences.

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Although we're wired to seek out comfort and safety, taking risks and trying new things is what helps us grow. Adventuring can get you out of your comfort zone. Put yourself out there, try something new, be vulnerable!  

3.  Cultivate camaraderie and friendships.

Something about being out on a trail causes us to drop our guard, to be more open and accepting, and allow others to see us as we are. Women on the trails are grounded and real. Connection is important and yet sometimes we want solitude. You are welcome to hike quietly and peacefully, taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Delight in the stillness of your own company while still benefiting from the comfort and assurance of the group.

Front range of the Chugach Mtns.
Front range of the Chugach Mtns.

Kayaking in Kachemak Bay.
Kayaking in Kachemak Bay.

Fat biking is SO FUN!
Fat biking is SO FUN!

Front range of the Chugach Mtns.
Front range of the Chugach Mtns.


Hi! I’m Lindsay, the founder of the Women’s Adventure Club and I’m so excited you’re here! 


I hope this community of women is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


Why did I start this Adventure Club? Here’s my story...


Before moving to Sewickley, our family lived in Anchorage, Alaska. When we first got there, I was immediately taken by Alaska’s epic landscapes and unspoiled beauty. But I didn’t know how to be outdoorsy in the winter... and we were about to enter six months of it! 


I was intrigued by the nordic and alpine skiers, the fat bikers in the snow, the snowshoers, and hikers who embraced winter with such enthusiasm. 


Could I learn to do these things? At first my answer was no. I’m not a skier, I don’t have the gear, I don’t know the trail systems, I don't want to encounter a bear, I’m not experienced enough to go out with those Alaskan ladies. This is the story I told myself.


And then I met an Alaskan-born, super adventurous woman.  She taught me how to nordic ski and it became my most beloved way to experience the outdoors. If I was able to learn that, then maybe I could do alllllll the things!


Fast forward a few years, and there I was: reveling in all the outdoor adventures with some fantastic ladies.

Those seven years in Alaska taught me how important it is for us to push past our comfort zone, to get outside with a good group of women, and to connect with nature. Adventuring brings such joy, courage, peace, and the feeling of being connected to something bigger than yourself. 


Now that I know this, I can’t keep it to myself. I want to share it with other women. I want to build a community that helps women push past their boundaries and emerge stronger and happier, with their own amazing stories to tell.

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In the News
Partnered to offer xc ski tours, snowshoeing, hiking
Partnered with an ANFT forest therapy guide to offer Forest Therapy walks.
Partnered to co-host rides and offer rentals 
Partnered to offer Yoga Hikes

Certified in Wilderness First Aid through NOLS

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Sincere thanks to Gillian, founder of the Ladies Adventure Club of Maine, for sharing her inspiring story with me and the lessons she's learned during her years with the LAC.
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